Eternally Blue

Jazz Melody with Acoustic Piano, Bass Drum Brushes and Horn section - Eternally Blue

Wide Open

Calm progressive country/soft rock instrumental music. Great to use for free in any project, download and enjoy today.

River Flows Home

Soft rock country composition featuring electronic piano, romantic solos and inspirational mood. Download and use today.

Late Evening

Relaxing and smooth jazz composition. Perfect to listen to as a background music.

Bright Light Ahead

Inspirational instrumental guitar, electronic, pad music. Perfect soft rock composition. Download and use for free.

Above Clouds

Atmospheric instrumental romantic and psychedelic. Great for backgrounds, slideshows or just listening enjoyment.


Energetic upbeat music composition featuring 1970's-style piano solo as well as full instrumental which can be considered psychedelic rock or progressive rock. Free to download and use under creative commons license.

Flowery Serenity

Unique Beautiful Relaxing Romantic Peaceful Piano Music and Stunning Colorful Flowers Footage to help you relax, fall asleep, meditate, heal. This video can be used as a perfect TV screensaver, waiting room background, in SPA, restaurant, yoga class and more.

Royalty free and no-copyright music from Ladushki

If you are a content creator, or web designer, you have likely run head first into the brick wall that is ‘copyrighted music’. Every day YouTube content creators find their videos claimed, and web designers find their web pages hit with companies claiming the royalties on the music you have chosen to highlight your content. At Ladushki, we really do understand the struggle. We know from personal experience how disheartening it can be to slave for hours on a video or project, only to have it claimed by someone else and demonetized nearly instantly. That is why we have made it our mission to provide you as members of the content creator community with high quality and totally royalty free music to use however you see fit. No matter what your project is, you can find the right song to fit your mood for it, without the risk of running into copyright claims and demonetization.

Our Music

Our ever expanding library of original royalty free music offers you a wide range of styles, genres and ‘tones’ to choose from. We are constantly aiming to grow our library, to offer content creators just like you a better chance to find exactly what you are looking for. From pop, rock, jazz, and even relaxing tones you are sure to find something to fit your content perfectly. Simply browse our library, and download the music you want free of charge and free of royalties!

Who Benefits From Royalty Free Music?

No copyrighted music is free to use legally, no matter what you may intend to use it for. There are millions of individuals every day who can benefit from having access to a vast array of royalty free music. These can include, but are not limited to:
  • YouTube Creators. Recently there has been an epidemic of third party companies striking and claiming content creator’s videos simply due to the music being played in the video. This affects all content creators, not just the big well known channels. Smaller content creators every day are losing money on their hard work, due to these demonetization strikes. With royalty free music, you don’t have to worry about this being an issue for you ever again.
  • Web Developers. It can be a headache trying to get the rights to use certain songs or sound themes on your web page without running into legal troubles. You can cut out the middleman, and guarantee that your web page remains in the clear with high quality and royalty free music for your web page.
  • Bloggers. Many bloggers choose to use background music to set the tone for their blog the moment viewers visit their page. Much like on other content creation platforms, if that music is copyrighted, it can cause massive issues for you and your blog. You can risk your post being taken offline, or even worse, your entire blog and all that you have worked hard for. Royalty free music ensures that your blog is always protected from the risk of being removed or taken offline.
  • Game Developers. If you want a killer soundtrack to highlight the moods and settings of your game, you are likely going to find yourself sinking thousands into purchasing the rights to music that you find online. This can set back the development and production of your dream game quite a bit. Using royalty free music can make sure that all of the dungeons, quests, battles, and adventures in your game always have the right mood without the massive price tag.

The Answer Is Pretty Clear

It’s pretty easy to see the benefits of using royalty free music for whatever your project may be. If there is ever a case where you need high quality music to set the tone and atmosphere for your project, it's always best to be safe rather than risk it. Your hard work and creative content is too important to risk at the hands of copyright implications and potential demonetization. Through Creative Commons Licensing, all of our music at Ladushki is 100% free of royalties, and 100% free of charge. All you have to do is simply download, and enjoy! What’s more, you can absolutely still monetize your content, and reap the monetary benefits of all your hard work creatively. We know not everything is about money. However, it sure doesn’t hurt to be able to keep the money from the revenue that your content generates. More often than not the claims against content creators are made by bots, and third party company companies who have no interest in you or your content; they simply want to skim off of your hard work. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

What We Offer

It’s pretty obvious by now that we offer totally royalty free music for you to download and use. However, using royalty free music is about more than just downloading some cheap tune off of the internet, and rolling with it. That’s where we offer you more. We can help provide you with:
  • A wide range of genres and sounds to fit any mood or situation.
  • High quality royalty free music that is guaranteed to make sure your content remains professional in quality.
  • The full support of our team when using our royalty free music. We stand behind our product 100%, as well as your right to use it.
  • The peace of mind that your content belongs to you, and no one can take that away from you.
There is no limit to the things you can do and create when you have the burden of copyright and royalties removed from your content creation process. Rest easy, and keep making your art, clear of a guilty conscience!

What We Ask Of You

We know that content creators, especially those starting out, don’t have the massive stacks of cash necessary to buy rights to use music. That is why we do what we do. We believe in, and support our fellow content creators, no matter what your medium may be. We only ask one thing in return... All we ask from you, is that you simply include credit to us at on all of your content using our royalty free music. This way future content creators can find us, and utilize our services as well. Together we can create a community of sharing, higher quality content and royalty free music for everyone - free the risk of demonetization. So what are you waiting for?! Start browsing, and find the royalty free music you have been looking for all along among our diverse and original library. Let us help you make the content that you have always dreamed of making.