Theme Parties


Ladushki CHARACTER Party
Our great looking character will come to dance, take pictures and hang around with your guests for about half an hour.
Marvelous sparkle for your party.
Characters do not talk, but they can interact with the children.
They can even bring special themed and party music.
Age-friendly tempo of the games
  Character's visit starts from $150.
  $50 deposit is required.

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Searching for Nemo: Under The Sea
Treasure Island: Pirates Theme
Beauty Will Save the World: Fashion
Pet Detectives: Dog Mystery Theme
Wizard School: Harry Potter Party
Hot Wheel: Cars Theme
Knights Of The Round Table: Knights
Fairy Land : Fairy Theme Party
Olympic Games: Sports Theme
Discovery Hunt: Magic Yellow Bus Party
Animal Planet: Animal Adventure Theme
Jungle Kingdom: Jungle Animals Party
Go Sense-A-tional Five Senses Theme
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties
Ball for Cinderella: Princess Party
Heroes Among Us: Super Heroes Party
Land Before Time: Dinosaurs Party
Re-Barkable Friends: Puppy Party
Ninja Storm: Martial Arts Theme
Space Rangers: Astronauts Party
Mermaid's World: Under The Sea Party
Vernissage: Fine Arts Party Theme
Around The World: Travel Party Theme
Sea Voyage; Sailors Party Theme
Cartoon Land: Cartoons Party
Lilo and friends (Hula Party)
Snow White's Enchanted Kingdom
Mystery Party (10+ years old)


  • Searching for Nemo - Under The Sea Party Theme
    Let your guests be up to their gills filled with excitement when they join this underwater adventure. We'll go deep under the ocean surface. And what a splash is awaiting us there!

  • Ball for Cinderella - Princess Party Theme
    Once upon a time a beautiful princess named Cinderella decided to throw a Grand Party
    for her friends, princess and princes from all over the Land. They are all dressed in capes and crowns. The Palace is decorated for the events, all children participate in games and ceremonies. Then, of course, the Fairy appears to make all dreams come true...

  • Treasure Island - Pirates Party Theme
    Ahoy Matey! Send your pirates off to seven seas with this memorable party. The captain and his shipmates will swab the deck, walk the plank and hunt for the long lost treasure. Your buccaneers will create pirates accessories for each of them and experience fun and unexpected endeavors.

  • Heroes Among Us - Super Heroes Party Theme
    The legendary "Men Of Steel" - Batman, Spiderman, Superman, soar again to protect the human race! Your guests, the timeless heroes, will shine in their quest to fulfill their mission. They'll ignite their senses with incredible X-Ray vision, power force, obstacle course, special gear creation and much much more super heroes fun party activities.

  • Beauty Will Save the World - Fashion Party Theme
    Despite the unfriendly aliens, who planned to ruin the beautiful world of fashion, all your guests will be FASHION-ated by designing their own styles and modeling them during this exciting and fun adventure.

  • Land Before Time - Dinosaurs Party Theme
    Travel through time 65 million years back. The era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Your team of paleontologists will dig up fossils, hunt for dinosaur nests and eggs, watch the prehistoric volcanoes erupt. The children will enjoy many more adventurous activities as well as prehistoric prizes in this widely imaginative dinosaur wonderland.

  • Pet Detectives - Dog Mystery Party Theme
    Our Elite English Club is in jeopardy: a unique breed puppy is stolen! And not one! All young ladies and gentlemen become pet detectives. Together we will be conducting a fun-filled investigation. All will join the Club and search for the puppies! In the end, all members adopt a maintenance-free plush rainbow terrier.

  • Re-Barkable Friends - Puppy Party Theme
    Woof! What an exciting adventure is awaiting for your young guests and their puppies! The children happened to get right inside a mystery and become true pet detectives. Toy dogs along with their brave owners conduct a reBARKable fun investigation and succeed!

  • Wizard School - Harry Potter Party Theme
    Your child and his guests will become rookie wizards at Hogwarts school. Creating wizard's accessories, preparing magic potion, playing Quidditch on broomsticks, and learning all other aspects of mastering the supernatural science. And everyone will be spellbound when they find the Sorcerer's Stone!

  • Ninja Storm - Martial Arts Party Theme
    This Far East (Japan) and far back in time adventure is hard-to-believe fun for your guests who will learn more about martial arts, master their skills and find the special treasure to become true young ninjas of the Red Dragon Order.

  • Hot Wheels - Cars Party Theme
    Get your motors running! The mechanically-gifted crew of your guests will design their vehicles to hit the road of fun and adventure. They will make sure that all the parts are in working order, all road signs are known, all types of vehicles get a green light to speed around!

  • Space Rangers - Astronauts Party Theme
    Hop aboard the shuttle you've always dreamed about piloting! You and your crew are about to blast off to out-of-this-world fun. Explore our Solar System, galaxies, mysteries of the Universe. Test out your physical fitness. Be prepared for uneasy, but fun-filled life on orbit and, who knows, maybe you'll be the first one to meet the aliens!

  • Knights Of The Round Table - Knights Party Theme
    Fellow Knights and Princesses of the Land! All are welcomed to the Grand Celebration
    of the Knights of the Round Table! Every guest will create his personal accessories with his very own emblem, take part in knight's tournament, help find buried treasures. Music, games and prizes are the best fit for the royal Medieval Celebration!

  • Mermaid's World - Under The Sea Party Theme
    Dive under the sea and explore its beauty at this memorable party! Search shipwrecks for lost treasures, meet wonderful exotic marine animals. Little Mermaid and her guests will explore the aquatic paradise!

  • Fairy Land : Fairy Theme Party
    One of our most favorite parties!
    Send your graceful fairies and smart wizards off to a fairy tale with a touch of magic. Flying with wings, spreading pixie dust, and using magic wands will help them make magic and save the fairy tale characters from the Wicked Witch's spell during this enchanting party.

  • Vernissage Fine - Arts Party Theme
    This one-of-a-kind bohemian party will guide your guests through our imaginative gallery. Moving from one exhibition to another, our visitors will be introduced to the well-known artists and artistic styles while playing, dancing, drawing. Delightful educational fun! And, of course, everyone will create his very own immortal masterpiece.

  • Olympic Games - Sports Theme Party
    "Citius! Altius! Fortius!" At our incredible Olympics, every event is lots of fun. And we've created some hilarious ones for every child! All your quests despite their age or weight will reach real records. The Olympians should expect to get medals and souvenirs.

  • Around The World - Travel Party Theme
    Welcome aboard the flight that will take your guests on exciting trip around the world. Fasten your seat belts and stretch your imagination in this fantastic interactive playground. Reach any destination on the globe in just minutes! Play with Mona Lisa in Italy, visit sailors in Norway, or become a Statue Of Liberty in the US. The children will have an amazing trip to Russia and help famous Sherlock Holmes solve puzzling mystery in England.

  • Discovery Hunt - Magic Yellow Bus Theme
    Your guests have swept on board by a powerful force of adventure. The Magic School Bus is going to the world of forces. Have immeasurable fun fighting with your own gravity, discovering the contest of forces, exploring static electricity or employing magnetism for scavenger hunt.

  • Sea Voyage - Sailors Party Theme
    Conquer stormy seas at our unique and exciting sea voyage. Pull ropes, tie knots, familiarize yourself with basics of navigation get your uniform ready, and be prepared for incredible adventures!

  • Animal Planet - Animal Adventure Party Theme
    Join the Magic School Bus for an amazing adventure to animal habitats. Your guests will create real natural wonder in a matter of minutes. Plus all kids on board can make their dream of having their own pet come true on this party. They will take home a fascinating, but absolutely harmless and yet carefree miniature pet.

  • Cartoon Land: Cartoons Party
    Everyone loves watching cartoons! And everyone would like a chance to travel to Cartoon Land! Kind Fairy will help to transport your guests to a Miracle Cartoon Land where they'll meet the funniest Karlson, will find cat Leopold's treasure, will gather oranges for Cheburashka, and explore the jungle world with Mowgli. The kids will experience both fantasic adventures and unexpected discoveries, in this Miracle Land. And, of course, there will be a traditional happy end!

  • Jungle Kingdom - Jungle Animals Party Theme
    Jungle animals are in trouble!!! They got sick with the mysterious virus. It is really wild to go to the wonderful jungle safari, get friendly with all the wild creatures and save our animal friends.

  • Snow White's Enchanted Kingdom
    Do you believe in fairy tales? If you do - invite everyone's favorite princess Snow White to accompany your little princess and dwarves to the miraculous journey into the Land of the Favorite Fairy Tales. Beautiful Snow White will bring fairy dust and fantasies to life during this magical adventure.

  • Lilo’s Friends - Hula Party Theme
    Any season is right for Hawaiian party, especially if you need to help Lilo to find her extraordinary alien friend Stitch. Dances, music and games will bring your young travelers to the happy end.

  • Go Sense-A-tional - Five Senses Party Theme
    Would you like to join the Magic School Bus crew? Get on board! Along the adventurous ride your guests will have a sense-a-tional time exploring the senses. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and you will love this amazing journey. This party sounds great, looks fantastic, smells good, tastes delicious and feels absolutely terrific.

  • Mystery Party (for 10 years and older)
    Attention, attention! A crime has been committed. Calling on all young detectives all of which happen to be the suspects at the same time! There will be unsolvable clues, mystery characters and plenty of unexpected fun!

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