IF YOU ARE HAVING A PARTY FOR YOUR CHILD…Holiday, birthday celebrations, themes, gifts and fun!
1.Think of your child’s current interest (movies, books, toys, games, anything he is into). You may discuss it with the kid, but keep in mind that the younger the child is, the more  “impulsive” the answer can be.

2. Plan well in advance.
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties DATE. If the birthday is too booked with other events (grandma’s visits, adult celebrations etc.), better choose another day or even another weekend. It is every child’s dream to have more than one birthday a year. Give them this chance!
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties TIME. Make sure the time of your party does not interfere with your child’s routine schedule (naps, meal times, etc.).

3. Evaluate your own availability. If you cannot afford to put together an entertainment program for the children on your own, call a professional children’s entertainer. Look for a warm, engaging person who has strong leadership skills and an aptitude for organizing lots of kids. To choose the right one ask the following questions:
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties How interactive is their party program ?
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties Are all children involved ?
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties Will they customize the party for your child ?
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties Do they provide extra services (i.e. arts and crafts, party supplies, etc.)
Ladushki: Unique Birthday Parties Make sure the money you spend is worth the fun the children get.
4. Order online or buy in a party store the proper party supplies and presents.
5. Birthday cake. It’s even more important how it looks than how it tastes.
6. After all the guests are gone, all the presents are opened,
do not forget to cuddle up with your child and talk to him/her about the party. Discuss the best games, roles, funniest moments, emotions.
Make the warm feeling stay long after the party is over.

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