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  • Ball for Cinderella – Princess Party Theme
    Once upon a time a beautiful princess named Cinderella decided to throw a Grand Party
    for her friends, princess and princes from all over the Land. They are all dressed in capes and crowns. The Palace is decorated for the events, all children participate in games and ceremonies. Then, of course, the Fairy appears to make all dreams come true…

  • Treasure Island – Pirates Party Theme
    Ahoy Matey! Send your pirates off to seven seas with this memorable party. The captain and his shipmates will swab the deck, walk the plank and hunt for the long lost treasure. Your buccaneers will create pirates accessories for each of them and experience fun and unexpected endeavors.

  • Heroes Among Us – Super Heroes Party Theme
    The legendary “Men Of Steel” – Batman, Spiderman, Superman, soar again to protect the human race! Your guests, the timeless heroes, will shine in their quest to fulfill their mission. They’ll ignite their senses with incredible X-Ray vision, power force, obstacle course, special gear creation and much much more super heroes fun party activities.

  • Knights and Princesses is one of the best packages if you try to engage both boys and girls in the party fun. Medieval times are full of discoveries like knighthood, dubbing, Knights of the Round Table, coat of arms, and more. Special craft for your nights and princesses will add medieval flavor t this unique party. Lady Princess will help your young guests to take part in special royal activities and dances. The adventure is not over until we find the King Arthur’s lost treasure.
  • Beauty Will Save the World – Fashion Party Theme
    Despite the unfriendly aliens, who planned to ruin the beautiful world of fashion, all your guests will be FASHION-ated by designing their own styles and modeling them during this exciting and fun adventure.

  • Hot Wheels – Cars Party Theme
    Get your motors running! The mechanically-gifted crew of your guests will design their vehicles to hit the road of fun and adventure. They will make sure that all the parts are in working order, all road signs are known, all types of vehicles get a green light to speed around!

  • Knights Of The Round Table – Knights Party Theme
    Fellow Knights and Princesses of the Land! All are welcomed to the Grand Celebration
    of the Knights of the Round Table! Every guest will create his personal accessories with his very own emblem, take part in knight’s tournament, help find buried treasures. Music, games and prizes are the best fit for the royal Medieval Celebration!

  • Mermaid’s World – Under The Sea Party Theme
    Dive under the sea and explore its beauty at this memorable party! Search shipwrecks for lost treasures, meet wonderful exotic marine animals. Little Mermaid and her guests will explore the aquatic paradise

  • Searching for Nemo – Under The Sea Party Theme
    Let your guests be up to their gills filled with excitement when they join this underwater adventure. We’ll go deep under the ocean surface. And what a splash is awaiting us there!
  • Olympic Games – Sports Theme Party
    “Citius! Altius! Fortius!” At our incredible Olympics, every event is lots of fun. And we’ve created some hilarious ones for every child! All your quests despite their age or weight will reach real records. The Olympians should expect to get medals and souvenirs.

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